Consulate legalization

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is not a Member State of Convention canceling the requirement of legalization of official foreign documents from 1961 (the Hague Convention). That is why the official documents issued from establishments and organizations of the Republic of Belarus and intended for actions on the territory of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and vice versa subject to consular legalization.

Legalization of documents (consular legalization) consists of determination and certification of authenticity of signatures on documents and compliance thereof with laws of the state of their origin.

Consulate legalization confirms authenticity of signatures of officials on documents and seals of competent state authorities as well as correctness of execution and compliance with national laws of documents sent from one state and intended for presentation in any other state.

Documents, issued by Pakistani authorities and intended for usage in the Republic of Belarus are legalized in the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Islamabad after their legalization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Consul testifies the authenticity of the signature of the official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by signing the document with legalizing inscription. Attestation procedure of the document before its legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should be inquired at the Ministry.

Consular fee for legalization (per document) – 50 Euro

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