Documents for study on a quota basis

List of documents required for the submission to the Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Belarus by foreign citizens in the first stage of selection (before January 20, 2024) for participation in the second stage of competitive selection for study in the Republic of Belarus and in the republican budget (Scholarship Program):
-    application for admission to study (written in free format with arguments in favor of the chosen specialty);
-    CV (with photo);
-    copies of the travel and identification documents;
-    copy of the education document (or a certificate stating that the foreign citizen is a student, indicating grades in all subjects, certified by the head of the educational institution);
-    copy of the document confirming proficiency in Russian and/or Belarusian language (if available)¹;
-    copies of a medical document on health status indicating the possibility of training in the chosen specialty and a certificate of absence of HIV infection, issued by the official health authority of the candidate’s country;
-    character certificate, issued by the place of study (for students);
-    documents confirming Belarusian origin (in case a person is classified as a foreign citizen who (or their relatives in a direct ascending line) was born or lived on the modern territory of the Republic of Belarus);
-    documents confirming preemptive right to participate in the competitive selection².


¹ If the candidate’s level of proficiency in the Belarusian or Russian language is insufficient to master the content of the chosen educational program, the foreign citizen will be offered to undergo training at the preparatory department of the selected educational institution of the Republic of Belarus or оn language courses at the National Institute for Higher Education on a paid basis.
² Preemptive right for participation in competitive selection used by persons who (in order of listing):
 — recognized as winners (1st, 2nd places) or laureates of international competitions of scientific works in academic subjects corresponding to the subject of the first specialized test in the chosen specialty;
 — have practical experience in the relevant field for at least two years after receiving educational documents confirming completion of secondary education or general higher/ specialized higher education;
 — are winners (1st, 2nd places) of international competitions and (or) other educational events held by educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus in academic subjects (disciplines) (upon admission to specialties for which this subject (discipline) is determined as the subject of the first specialized test), and also presenters at international conferences organized by educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus;
 — provided a list and copies of published scientific works, descriptions of inventions, reports on completed research and development (if any), diplomas confirming victories (1st, 2nd places) in international Olympiads and (or) other educational events in educational subjects (disciplines), upon admission to specialties for which this subject (discipline) is determined by the subject of the first specialized test;
 — have successfully completed educational program for preparing individuals for admission to educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus (in the year following the year in which they first participated in the selection).


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