Application of documents for consular procedures

Application of visa requests

All the applicants are kindly advised to plan their visit to Belarus and submit complete application documents together with passport at least three weeks in advance in order to enable the consular section to carry out the required visa procedures without any delay.

The applicants are also requested to prove that they possess sufficient amount of money to cover all the costs of accommodation in Belarus, which is equivalent to minimum of 25 euros per day.

Document proving the possession of the above mentioned amount is a bank statement for at least past 6 months issued by a financial institution stamped and singed by an eligible bank staff member and issued not later than one-two weeks prior to the date of application at the Embassy.

Visa processing starts only after we have collected necessary documents, interviewed an applicant and received money for the required visa.

Normally it takes 5 working days to issue a visa; express (urgent) visas can be proceeded within 2 working days if no additional questions arise.

Please note that we DO NOT ACCEPT visa documents delivered to the Consular Section by courier services.

Every applicant shall submit his/her documents and come for the interview PERSONALLY. There are NO ONLINE APPLICATION services available.

The Consular Section NEVER informs the Applicant about the reasons for refusal. In the event of visa denial the consular fee is not reimbursed!

Please, note that the Embassy collects the visa fee as the only payment for the visa issuing!

The Embassy does not cooperate with any mediators or agents on the subject of granting any rights or privileges which go beyond these visa requirements or somehow contradict them!

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